In food product development, a stabilizer system is a carefully formulated combination of hydrocolloids, proteins, emulsifiers, and salts. These systems are highly customizable to meet the specific needs of your food and beverage creations, whether it's ice cream, fruit preparations, meat-based products, or fish-based delicacies.

Our unique FRIMULSION® stabilizer systems can serve as thickening or gelling agents, emulsifying components, processing aids, or protein protectors, providing versatile functionality across various applications. Whether you're looking to reduce fat and calories, create low-cost clean label options, or simply enhance the sensory experience of your products, FRIMULSION® has the answer.

Unlocking Innovation in Ice Cream and Dairy Products

With FRIMULSION® Stabiliser Systems by Tate & Lyle, you can enter a world of possibilities in the realm of ice cream and dairy-based products. Our systems offer highly functional properties that enable the creation of creamy melting sensations, exciting new textures, and delightful tastes in ice cream. Additionally, they can be used in various dairy-based applications such as dips, dressings, yogurt, cream cheese, fruit mousse, fruit compote, bakery and dessert toppings, beverages, and smoothies.

Elevating Meat and Fish-Based Products

FRIMULSION® Stabiliser Systems by Tate & Lyle are not limited to dairy. They also have a significant impact on meat and fish-based products. When used in these applications, our systems can help reduce meat juice losses, improve adhesion in vegetarian and cheese-based sausages, and provide greater elasticity and freeze-thaw stability. From canned fish products to fish fingers, fish cakes, fish-based spreads, and fish-based toppings, FRIMULSION® Stabiliser Systems bring enhanced texture and performance to the table.

Our FRIMULSION® Stabiliser Systems are designed to ensure the ideal texture of your products on the shelf and to streamline and optimize your processing methods. They are safe, robust, and highly functional, offering tailored solutions that meet your unique product requirements, allowing you to quickly and successfully bring new and exciting food products to market quickly and successfully.

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